Corporate Image Solutions

We are on a mission to win the hearts and mindsof our  employees
Vern Dosch, Wired Differently

First impressions of your company and your  employees can have a significant impact on the  success of your business. Image speaks volumes about  your corporate values, accomplishments, work ethics  and professionalism.

For any organisation, the first impression you make and  the continued image you portray to clients and business  partners can affect your reputation and whether your  business grows and develops.

One of the biggest factors that contribute to a  company’s image is how their employees personally  present themselves at work. This is particularly true  within a corporate office environment, where  maintaining a professional persona is often affiliated  with the dress code adopted by your employees.

Whether the issue is appearance, behaviour or  communication skills, Wow Virtue Training & Image  Consultant gives your employees the motivation for  self-improvement and aligns their personal success  with your corporate brand.

Corporate Grooming

Our workshops are fun, interactive, informative  and energetic, andthey are crafted to meet a variety of  business needs. We focus on:

  • Body Types  Styling  Office Attire
  • The Use of Colour  Hygiene and Skin Care
  • Hairstyle, Makeup & Hijab Styles  Grooming for Men
  • Accessories

Corporate Etiquette

Proper manners and knowledge of protocol  are rare skills. Our Corporate Etiquette programme  demonstrates how interpersonal skills make all the  difference in today’s competitive workplace. The areas  covered are:

  • The Art of the Handshake
  • Polite Expressions, Greetings and Introductions  Business Cards
  • e-Etiquette for the Workplace  Workplace Etiquette
  • Meeting Code of Conduct  Seating Etiquette Guide
  • Body Language Tips For Career Success

Communication Skills

Communication is simply the act of  transferring information from one place to another,  whether this be vocally, written, visually or

non-verbally. How well this information can be  transmitted and received is a measure of how good  our communication skills are. Participants will  learn:

  • The Fine Art of Small Talk 
  • Verbal & Non Verbal Skills 
  • The Art of Handling Criticism 
  • Psychology of Communication  Ways with Words