Siti Mizalwa Idris or Wawa Idris, an image consultant and  corporate trainer by profession, is a well-known Malaysian personality who personifies grace, confidence and panache.

After a successful career in corporate communication with a government-owned company, Siti Mizalwa took her love  of people to the forefront of her work.

Wawa Idris as she is better known, has more than a decade of corporate experience, educating and inspiring  thousands of people across Malaysia.

As a highly experienced and dedicated image consultant, a dynamic speaker, an effective trainer and an enthusiastic  workshop leader, she is familiar with the typical challenges that professionals face in their workplace.

Wawa Idris, whose tagline is ‘Wow Attitude Wow Attire’, has a proven track record in corporate and individual  counselling, using a results-oriented approach based on the ABC’s of Image Management – Appearance, Behaviour and  Communication.

Qualifying as an image consultant and combining with her creative flair and energy, Wawa Idris has a successful  image consultancy business, Wow Virtue Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd.


Image Management | Communication | Protocols & Etiquettes | Customer Service


Wawa Idris is a certified Style Coach from the London Style Coaching Institute after  successfully completing the Style Coaching Institute UK training programme. She has  demonstrated competency and skill to be awarded an Honours Grade Diploma in  Professional Style Coaching from the institute.

She was officially accepted for accredited membership of the International  Association of Style Coaches “in recognition that all requirements have been met  with the full approval of the acting President.”

Wawa Idris is an Associate Member of the Association of Image Consultants  International(AICI) and was appointed as Mayfair Gorgeous Mission Ambassador in  2012. Holding a Masters Degree in Corporate Communication, Wawa Idris is an  associate image consultant certified by Emage Consultancy as well as a Certified Trainer  by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB). She is also a graduate of Dr Azizan  Osman Platinum programme.


Wawa Idris has over a decade of working experience in the Corporate Communication  and Marketing and Sales Division in a government-owned company, with exposure on how to manage people, meet customers’ expectation, handling and satisfying various levels of  stakeholders.

She has in-depth knowledge in etiquettes and protocols from successfully organising and  managing hundreds of events for companies and various government departments and  ministries, notably the Prime Minister’s Department, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Local Governments and many State Governments.

Wawa Idris has appeared in several broadcasting and printed media such as Harian  Metro, Majalah Wanita, Majalah Rapi,TV Al-Hijrah, Wanita Hari Ini, Radio Bernama and featured in online news portals including Bernama Plus, Bernama Lifestyle and  Youth and Bernama Web TV.

Among the major clients that have engaged her services are Tabung Haji  Plantations, FELCRA, Bank Pembangunan, Kuwait Finance House, IBM  Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia, the Ministry of Natural Resources an Environment  and Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas). She has also conducted  Corporate Induction Programmes and a series of training in Customer Service  and Grooming.


Wawa Idris is warm and approachable and gets along very well with people  from all walks of life. She gives men and women the style confidence they need to be  successful in their personal professional lives.


Wawa Idris’ passion is personal development especially in  Image Management and Communication.


Wawa Idris’ consultations are personalised to meet the needs of  the individual or corporate client, with customised solutions that can  immediately be put to use in the workplace.