“Every year in consulting is like three years in the  corporate world because you have multiple clients, multiple  issues you grow so much” Indra Nooyi

Whether clients will use your services to land a new a company or to just wear the right colours, they will  benefit from the advice you have to give, and you will enjoy post in sharing your knowledge with them. It is very rewarding to  witness how clients’ confidence grows.

No matter what you do after this workshop  or how you wish to apply your knowledge, Image Consulting expands your base and  allows you to develop a career path that has no  boundaries. Upon completion of the course you will be fully competent in offering image advice to both women and men in business  and helping them to understand the  importance of making the right first  impression. You will have the potential to  charge significant fees for your services  which reflect you investment in training and  skills. Boost your business and your knowledge and become an Image Consultant by participating in our upcoming training.